GTX 285 vs GTX 470


I am looking to buy a new computer. Wanting to know what is optimal when it comes to my video card. Here is what I have so far:
CPU: i7 860
Motherboard: P7P55D-PRO
Monitor: I am yet to buy this

I can afford the GTX 470, but the power supply needed is higher, and a reasonable jump in price. I was wanting to know if it would be worth while as price is a big factor to me.
Also does GTX285 have the capabilities to run Dir X 11? Is it worth buying one that will be compatible so as to ensure my computer stays current for a few years?

Thank you very much for your help :D
(Also when it comes to cooling, anyone got any advice on cases for these cards?)
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  1. You might as well just get an HD5850 if power and cooling are going to become a concern. It's better than a GTX285, and can OC better than A GTX470 whilst remaining cooler and more efficient.
  2. The GeForce GTX 285 does not support DirectX 11, only DirectX 10.0. I'd go with the GTX 470 which is probably 20% - 30% faster, and is mainly cheaper. A good case with a lot of airflow would be the Antec 900 and 1200, the Cooler Master HAF 932, HAF 922 and CM 690 II Advanced. As for the PSU, yes it does take more power, but not too much more than the GTX 285.
  3. A Radeon 5850 would probably be a better buy for you. If you're hung up on nVidia though, you may as well go with the GTX 470 since it's a newer DX11 card. Right now the 285 is overpriced since it's still a DX10 card and costs as much as a faster 5850. As for cases that's up to you. For one 470 any case that's long enough and has decent air flow should do. If you want to use two 470s in SLI then you should look more towards cases with exceptional airflow like the Antec 900 or Cooler Master HAF.
  4. You need to define few years.. On the graphics front, DirectX 12 is touted to be released with WIN 8 sometime in the year 2012 (although rumors have suggested as early as end of 2011 also).. So if by few years you mean 1 or 2 years then you are safe with any choice you make.. I mean between the GTX 470 and the HD 5850..
  5. Thank you everyone for your feedback, this has been very helpful!

    On the topic of doing Sli with two GTX470. Will my CPU and such be enough to make the most of two GTX470s?
    Also is the HD 5850 comparable to the GTX470 when it comes to programs such as CS4 and CS5?

    Thanks again for your input :D and ill definitely check out those cases you suggested :)
  6. Your Core i7 860 will not bottleneck two GTX 470s in SLI. With regards to Adobe CS4 and CS5, the GTX 470 would be a better option because it supports CUDA which can accelerate the Mercury Playback Engine, used in Adobe Premiere. I'd say for other programs like Photoshop the HD 5850 and GTX 470 would perform around the same. The GTX 470 has more raw power, but the HD 5850 would probably overclock a bit better to get the same performance as the GTX 470. However, you must consider that the driver updates are relatively new for the GTX 470 and 480, and the cards will overall perform better than the HD 5850 and HD 5870.
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