How to open corrupted hard disk without formatting

My laptop's 250gb Hard Disk Drive has failed and I tried to replace it with a news 250gb hard drive

I tried to backup files from the old hard drive by putting it inside a external hard drive case and connect it to the computer but my computer wont recognize it and it says that i need to format it

is there any other way to backup the files from my old hard drive? please help me any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. This has happened because you put the drive into an external enclosure.

    Free and easy answer: Download Kubuntu and Linux Live USB Creator (Lili)
    Create a Live Linux USB disk with persistence using Lili
    put the bad drive into the laptop and boot from the USB stick (see manufactures website about BIOS settings)

    You can now access the drive without the enclosure and burn the files to disk, move files to another disk, or move files to another networked computer
  2. my disk drive is not running and when i open it,it asks to format but not formatting
    plz help me solve this if any body know........
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