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im open to any type of build also
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  1. hi, im gonna be building a computer mostly gaming and watching movies. i havent kept up with the market an knowing what is good. so my question is what is a good build? my budget is $1300 this is just the tower alone no mouse no monitor no keyboard. i will b using it for gaming aswell as watching movies. i will connect it to my tv which is 32inch flat screen for movies an play it on my 22inch monitor. game i play mostly is WOW an soon diablo 3 an starcraft 2. if u need any other information let me know an hopefully u guys can really help me out. thanks alot appreciate it hope to hear what u guys offer :)
  2. Asus/Gigabyte/MSI motherboard with decent amount of SATA ports (at least 3), up to date chipset, and of course supporting your CPU choice;
    CPU: AMD Phenom II or Athlon II quad core / Intel i5, i7 quad core
    RAM: 4 to 6GB
    Graphics: AMD/ATI HD5770 1GB or nVidia Geforce GTX260 896MB
    HDD: any will do as long as it's SATAII and reasonably fast
    DVD drive
    ATX case
    Corsair 450W or 650W PSU

    Due to your lack of preferences basically any decent rig would fill your criteria. Please give more information. How about you look up some parts that you think are good, relay them back to us/me and we'll tell you if they're any good.

  3. hmmm well reason why i said i had no preference was to see what people had to offer. i did a quick look at just focused on these for a hard drive im looking for a 1tb sata drive an for the graphics card i might get 2 ram 4gb for sure maybe 6 a motherboard i cant decided :/ the dvd drive is not needed aswell an a case well thats hard to decide on atm aswell.

    graphics card =

    cpu =

    psu =

    so far maybe need a bigger psu if i run 2 vid cards
  4. All those are very good components. If you plan on running 2 260s in SLI then I'd recommend a corsair 750W PSU. Good choice on the Phenom II if you're into gaming.

    But I would recommend an ATI HD 5770 1GB over that GTX 260, or better an ATI HD 5870 or 5850, or 2 5770s in Crossfire. Reason being, better performance per watt and better price to performance ratio - I'm not an ATI fanboy.
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