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I need help figuring out what is wrong in my system

the system:
Mobo: MSI X58 Pro-E
CPU: i7 950
RAM:Corsair XMS3 6x2GB 1600MHz
PSU: Corsair 650TX
GPU: GTX 580

So I got this CPU to 4GHz but not 100% stable, I was getting some BSODs so I used memtest to test my memory, and turns out that was the problem. I set everything back to stock and then I started testing the sticks individually they all worked fine and passed with 0 errors 3 times each, then I tested 3 of them in triple channel, again they all passed, I tested the other 3 in triple channel and they also passed, but when I put all the sticks in and I get errors. I'm no expert and this is puzzling to me, I suspect my motherboard might be the culprit but I'd like to get a second opinion.
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  1. You could very well have a bad memory slot. You might also need to bump the voltage running all 6 slots full. You try that?
  2. anort3 said:
    You could very well have a bad memory slot. You might also need to bump the voltage running all 6 slots full. You try that?

    The stock voltage is 1.65, how much higher should I try? I didn't know using 6 sticks required a raise in voltage.
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    I would not go beyond 1.65. I think it can damage the CPU. Is QPI set to 1.35v? And have you manually set the timings?
  4. The QPI was set to Auto and so were the timings, the timings were manually set to the manufacturer's specifications when it was overclocked though. I'm going to test while the QPI voltage and memory timings are manually set, I'll report back when I'm done testing.
  5. So I tested them 5 times with the settings you recommended, 0 errors!
    Is it normal to have to raise the QPI voltage to have stability in a system with 6 memory sticks? or is there something wrong with my motherboard? and what should be the highest safe QPI voltage when overclocking? I'm guessing that in order to keep my memory stable while overclocked I'll need to raise my QPI voltage even more. I don't mind keeping my memory at 1600MHz though but a little bump would be nice, I'm planning on having my CPU clocked to 4GHz if I can do so 100% stable.
  6. Its normal to have to manually set the QPI and timings when all the slots are populated.
  7. Glad I could help!
  8. Thanks for all the help, any idea of what the highest and safe QPI voltage could be for my system? in case I need to raise it.
  9. I am not sure of the max QPI. Google a bit and you will find it though.
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