Can low level format can repair bad sector?

I have WD 800AAJS HDD. I have 3 partitions and in 1st partitions I have windows 7 and in second partition when I open, save, copy or move data in-it the hdd slow-down and have to wait after that a message dialog-box pop-up. My third partition is fine. I have a question will a low-level format repair Hdd bad-sector. I even repair it using WD life-guard diagnostic tool but it even fails there. I can give it to RMA or should I must do a low-level format?
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    A low level format will not resolve your issue. RMA the drive if you can.
  2. Low level format will only mark bad sectors to not be used. It does nothing to repair them. Even that is only a short term fix as it will most likely have more as time goes on. WD life-guard should do the same thing but I haven't had any success with that either. Backup your data and replace the drive is your best bet.
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  4. Thank You skippy & price_th both of u rite. I will give the hdd for RMA as soon as possible.
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