New graphics card without psu upgrade

Looking for something to replace my less than brilliant 8600GT. If there's a pretty good performance upgrade with a card for this PSU, then I'll probably get it.

I don't know the exact model number etc, but it's an included 360W PSU for a C/M Elite 331

Thanks in advance
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  1. An HD5670 would be a good choice. It's at least twice as powerful as your current card.
    Your psu may be able to handle a more powerful cards like the HD4770 or HD5750 but I wouldn't be confident about saying so without more information about the power supply.
    What is your monitor's native resolution?
  2. Card's selection depends on your budget dude...

    And What's your monitor's native resolution?
  3. What is your current monitor?
    PSU? brand? model?

    You can get HD5670, it's a very efficient card, your PSU will be more than enough...
  4. Monitor's a Viewsonic VX2235 22", native res is 1680x1050

    The current graphics is Asus 512 MB 8600 GT (Magic)

    Like I said before, ths PSU was included with the Cooler Master Elite 331 case. The PSU is from Cooler Master (they sell PSU+case packages at some price points) and it is 360W.

    If you need the other system specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo 6750
    Asus P5KR
    Kingston 2GB DDR2 667
    Western Digital 500GB
    Asus Optical
  5. If you don't want to change PSU, grab HD5670 then...
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    The HD5670 will work with your PSU but it is a bit weak for your resolution(though still worlds better than your current card.)
    Ideally you'll want to replace the PSU and get an HD5770 but together that will run you $200 or so.
  7. Based on price (small as it is) I'll go with the 5670. Pretty much just doing a last upgrade before a new system (hopefully relatively soon)
  8. Well, if you are going to build a new system in the not too distant future then I would even more so recommend buying a quality PSU and an HD5770. Both can be transferred into the new computer. Get a motherboard that can crossfire for the new computer and you are set for a good long while.
  9. hmm.. probly should've thought of that.
    now if only I can convince my brother to pitch in for the parts..

    thanks :D
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