X4 635 loud cpu fan

I recently picked up an Sempron 140 for an unRAID server and a A2 X4 635 for a multi-purpose rig.

I have to put my hand next to the Sempron stock cpu fan to know that it is on.

I can hear the x4's stock fan from 30 feet away.
The CPU is quite cool at 25 degrees and the fan is constantly running at 4000+ RPM.

Is this normal?
MOBO is 785GM-P45 AM3 785G mATX

Any ideas on how to lower the RPM and make this fan quiet? Or do I just need to get an aftermarket cooler?
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  1. No,
    Is fan plugged into MoBo?
    Check bios to see how fan is being controlled.(should speed up and slow down as needed)
  2. My friend's PhenomII 955 boxed cooler-fan acts the same way, and everything was ok with the BIOS when I checked it, so I'd say aftermarket choice after that BIOS check.
  3. Yes, the fan is plugged in to the mobo.

    I did a check in the BIOS (where I observed the CPU FAN RPM speeds). I'll do a more thorough check and see if I can find anything when I get home. This is my first MSI board so I was not as familiar with the BIOS menus.

    Thanks for the quick responses.

    Any cheap (~30) and quiet recommendations for coolers that fit the AM3 without mount modifiation for the worse case situation?
    I am assuming any AM2 will fit as by looks it does not look as if anything has changed with respects to mounting the heatsink and fan.
  4. Look in the BIOS for some fan control, Cool@Quiet or Q-Fan or something it should be in there.
  5. It may be smart fan your looking for, but your fan shouldn't be running max rpm nonstop, especially with low cpu temps.
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    i last had an msi mobo a while back....ill try to helo

    go to bios
    locate and enter hardware mk.itor.
    enable qfan. it may be called smartfan...cant remember and set it to auto.
    i had extra options when i enabled it. settings i used were:
    fan speed 40% on default.
    max spreed at 55*c
    default temp 40*c
    tolarence 5*c

    honestly, there is no need to get a cooler. just set the bios settings right
  7. thanks to all ...

    I "enabled" smart fan

    I didn't have the options you mentioned (BIOS is up to date) ...

    has cpu min fan speed
    and cpu smart fan target

    so I have 25% minimum and 50

    Fan has dropped significantly (~2000rpm) and cpu idle temp is 25 in windows yet the mobo bios has it at 47

    not sure which one to trust, but everything thing is stable thus far ...

    I'll have to put it through its paces with prime or something and find out
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