Help choosing an aftermarket cpu cooler for my Athlon x4 635

I before was going with the h50, but I think I have changed my mind - considering it is overpriced and does the same job as many aftermarket coolers...

Help me choose with an aftermarket cooler? Ive been looking through many zalman and coolermaster cpu coolers but am clueless =D
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  1. I have an Athlon II X4 630 overclocked to 3.5Ghz using 1.475Vcore, it's paired with a $20 Cooler Master Hyper TX3 and never exceeds 53C. I should note my room temp is usually only about 70F, cooler than most in the summer, just the advantage of a basement I guess.

    My point is most any cooler is plenty for an Athlon II X4, they run extremely cool compared to Phenom I/Phenom II. Even a stock Phenom II cooler will keep an Athlon II X4 below 60C @ 3.5Ghz.
  2. Thanks bro for the info!
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