Is it possible to use two smps in a single Cabinets

i'm currently using an ati 4870 card in my system which as got 500watts since i newly bought another ati 4870 card which i'm going to use in crossfire in the same system i'll need a total of 600watts smps which would cost me Rs.4000 i was wondering if i could use another 350watts smps which costs me only Rs.1500 for the new card along with the existing 500watts smps for the older card and motherboard in the same system.
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  1. i've got enough cabinet space and my side panel is usually open......
  2. It's not impossible.
    But it's not a good idea to use a 2nd power supply in a normal PC system. They're just not designed for that type of thing.

    You'd be better off using a dedicated graphics power supply that you can mount in a your cabinet like a DVD drive.
    Once example is FSP Booster X3
    But you might find it less expensive just to buy a replacement power supply.
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