Need help with computer problem urgently please

I have an HP desktop computer sitting here that keeps shutting off by itself 30 seconds after I turn it on. I tried changing the PSU, re-applying thermal compound, and taking some of the ram sticks out to see if its the problem. None of the above have solved it. They computer keeps shutting off.

There is an exception to this however, and that is that it only shuts off if I start booting up Windows Vista from the HDD. As soon as I boot from the HDD it shuts off after a couple seconds. I tried booting something from a CD and it stays on with no problem.

I downloaded the Western Digital diagnostics tool and ran a QUICK TEST only. It said no errors. Does anyone know what might be the problem here? I need to fix this ASAP as its the main computer for a business.
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  1. go to safemood (by pressing f8 while booting) and do a system restore. remove and software/hardware u installed recently.
    if still no joy then just reinstall windows :)
  2. Its rebooting in safemode too.
  3. When you load the system from CD can you locate your HDD? Are the files Corrupt?

    Oh yes - Boot from CD and then backup all your files as well.

    If your hard drive seems to be okay, try to do a system restore for the HDD from the CD boot.
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