Antec 902 Front USB Ports Restarts Computer

Hello Everyone

I recently built a brand new computer using the Antec 902 as my case. After putting everything together, everything was working swimmingly until I tried using the Front USB ports. I inserted my USB flash drive and everything registered perfectly, was able to transfer and delete data etc, but when I went to remove the drive from the front usb port, my computer reset.

I tested this further by inserting and removing the flash drive during start up and it reset the computer again. Now this does not happen all the time, but rather intermittently, and I’m starting to believe (after reading a bunch of forums) that it could be a grounding issue with the Front Panel.

I remember when I was setting up all the components in my computer that I saw a black cable stretching into the case somewhere; I’m assuming this is the grounding wire for the front panel. I will do my best to check if this is connected to the case properly once I get home (writing this at work).

I tried inserting and removing a set of usb headphones, using the motherboard USB ports and I think everything was fine, will do more testing later.

I’m not the most hardware savvy guy, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice to help with grounding the front panel better.

I’m guessing I should not use the front panel for now as all the short-circuiting could damage something.

Would this be grounds for an RMA or is there an easy quick fix I could do to help with the grounding?

Thanks for reading!

Case: Antec 902
CPU: i7 930
MB: Asus P6TD Deluxe
Ram: Corsair Dominator 6gig
GPU: Sapphire Toxic 4890
HD: WD Black1TB 7200
PSU: Corsair HX 1000W
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  1. It sounds like a ground issue. Be sure the ground wire on the FP is firmly attached (solder, screw, or rivet) to the metal frame and the other end of the wire is firmly attached to a metal part of the the chassis. If either is not firmly attached, you could drill a small hole and fasten the wire with a nut and bolt.
  2. Thank you for the reply, I will try this out asap.
  3. O just to clarify, I drill the hole in either the metal frame of the FP or the case, and firmly attach the wire to either part with the screw? (This will be my first time doing this, if its necessary).
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