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1000w Psu enough power??

I am doing a new build for some one.My question is-I have a Silverstone DA 1000w PSU.Is this enough power for my build ?? The specs are- i-7 930,6gb F3 12800 CL8T G-Skill RipJaw series memory,Cooler MasterHyper212Plus cooler,EVGA #295 CO-OP Edition,BFG #260(using for PHYSIX),Asus ws P6T6 Revolution motherboard. Other stuff included in build is 1 extra case fan,Plextor B94OSA Blu-Ray burner,Silverstone Raven RVO1 case,WD 600Gb 10,000Rpm Hard Drive,Asus Xonar Dx sound card,23in Gateway LCD Monitor,speakers,kb,mouse. I was just hoping that the Silverstone 1000w is enough power.
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  1. yes.. with that u can run 3sli or maby 4sli.

    yeahh it is enought power
  2. I'd say a healthy bit more than 'enough'. :)
  3. I'd honestly say that could be ran on a 750W power supply, so you have more than enough.
  4. i would agree with lone ninja. something like corsair 750w would do.
  5. A good 750-850 would be enough power for that rig - 1kW is more than enough.
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    Which begs the question - is there such a thing as too much juice in a PSU? Anyway, there are good calculators online that give an *indication* to how much you'll need out of your PSU. Try:
  7. cjl said:
    A good 750-850 would be enough power for that rig - 1kW is more than enough.

    I checked New Eggs site and it said that the specs I have would use over 1000w.I thought that it would work well,but I just wanted to make sure.A 295 and a 260 in all is the equivalent to 3 260's.
  8. the newegg psu calc is retarded :)
  9. shovenose said:
    the newegg psu calc is retarded :)

    It seemed a little high.
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  11. you could add another 295 and still have enough power
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