First build, does this look right?

I'm pretty sure this is the right spot, sorry if it isn't.

So this is my first attempt at a build and I thought I would ask you lovely folks whether or not it looks functional :)




//////Video Card


/////Wireless Network Adapter

/////Hard Drive

/////Optical Drive


Also, I know there's some debate, but would it be best for me to go for dual core or quad core if all I plan to use this computer for is programming, some image editing and WoW.

Thank you so much!
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  1. Hello AnnaGirly;

    It's the right spot. And you've done a great job choosing parts.
    The dual/tri/quad core debate goes on. The good news is that your choice of MB and CPU gives you a shot at getting a x3, or possibly even an x4 CPU with the MB's core unlocking option. You might, or might not, get an extra core or two running strong and stable. It's the 'luck of the draw'.

    The only item missing - and it's optional - is an after market CPU cooler. Since you've chosen the Black Edition CPU I'm guessing you're a bit interest in overclocking. To help you out there a good HSF comes in handy.
    Sunbeam Core Contact CPU cooler

    A gaming case options: NZXT M59 $60 and free shipping or
    -> Antec Three Hundred $55 and free shipping plus 10% off coupon code
  2. I don't care for the OCZ Fatality PSU's. I'd get a Corsair 550VX
  3. jsc said:
    I don't care for the OCZ Fatality PSU's. I'd get a Corsair 550VX

    Could you explain a bit further?
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