Can I back up a laptop hard drive using another laptop?

My Toshiba PSC16U - 01H010 (Windows 7 OS) is basically done for. I would like to try a system restore on the Toshiba. I have a lot of files on the hard drive I need to save.

The only other computer I have is a laptop (Lenovo CB01102301). Its operating system is also Windows 7. It's a fairly new computer and I don't want to ruin it. (It's also not mine!)

Can I somehow plug the internal hard drive from the Toshiba into the Lenovo and still be okay?

Let the record show that I don't have a good history with computers and am very nervous about this transaction.
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  1. Assuming the drive comes out easily without having to take the whole thing apart this is what i recommend:

    1) Download Kubuntu and Linux Live USB Creator (Lili)

    2) Install Lili and create a live USB disk with persistence (be sure you ckeck Format in Fat32 to enable persistence)

    3) Take the hard drive out of the good laptop and put yours in temporarily

    4) Insert the USB stick, power on the computer and enter the BIOS Setup and change the boot device priority so that the hard drive boots last. (see PC manufacturers website for help with this)

    5) save settings and reboot. the PC should boot from the memory stick.

    6) Once booted, select "Try Kubuntu"

    7) you can now save your files to USB, another hard drive, a networked computer, or burn the files to disk.

    (If you cannot boot from USB, you can use Lili to make a bootable CD or DVD but with this option you will not be able to install apps if you need to)
  2. In this case both systems have W7. In my case it's a malfunctioning Toshiba Satellite A110-225 laptop running Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and a well-functioning Acer Aspire 1642WLMI running Windows XP Professional. May I assume that when transferring files in this way, it doesn't matter if the systems have different Windows versions installed?
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