Getting 1680x1050 with mobility radeon 9200 (HP).?

I had it, then lost it.

I have an HP laptop pavilion zt3000 with Mobility Radeon 9200 on XP sp3. I also have an Acer 22" external second monitor w/ native resolution of 1680x1050. All was well. Got a virus, had to wipe the drive and start over. Now I can't get 1680x1050 on my Acer. Here's what I've tried:

1. have the latest (2004) video driver from HP (, but wont' support 1680x1050. this is so I can work.

2. have tried some Omega drivers, including 3.8.252. make my laptop think its monitor is a TV, with flickers and lines, etc. Can get native reson the Acer though.

3. tried the ATI catalyst driver (10-4), installed, but didn't displace the HP driver. I manually steered it to the .inf, but that didn't work.

where can I find something more recent than 2004 that'll allow 1680x1050, and still run on my old machine?

Disclaimer: I am a biologist. i only have enough knowledge about computers to screw them up. If you reply, please use small words so I can understand.

thanks, Tim
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  1. #4. I've installed Mobility Modder. All 3 MSXML 6.0 checks are OK. I have tried both 6.11 and 6.5 .INF files, and they "modify". However, when I check Hardware Manager, the ATI driver is still listed as my old (HP driver), even after restart. I've also gone into the ATI support folder, and started setup.exe as suggested for Vista (tho I'm XP) in the Mobility Modder instructions, but setup still fails with a "driver not found" error as before.

    where can I find something more recent than my 2004 driver that'll allow 1680x1050, and still run on my old machine?
  2. OK, here's the latest:

    #5. I've tried catilyst 5.5, using Mobility Modder, and installed driver version dated 5/3/2005. This driver works OK - that is, unlike the or Omega drivers, doesn't make my laptop screen get recognized as a "TV" - However, still doesn't carry 1680x1050 as a resolution option.

    IS there a way for me to edit my .INF file so that 1680x1050 is an allowable option???

    Anyone? anyone?

    thanks, Tim
  3. I would like to know how to enable 1680x1050 resolution as well. Its what my monitor runs optimally. But since I went from Nvidia to Radeon I cant run it now.
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