The Good OCZ PSUs.

I havn't kept up with OCZ but I know I remember people saying one kind were really good and some were bad... This one has bad reviews but its on ShellShocker today at night, comes with a GT240+Itself for 60 dollars alltogether after MIRS. Thats a really good price for a PSU that was 160 and a GPU that was 80 dollars. Seems like too good of a deal to pass up, but then again I'd only be buying them for spare parts.

So yeah, good or bad PSU?
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  1. Based on this review... ( ), I would say it is a decent power supply
  2. It uses the FSP Epsilon build IIRC, so the ripples might get a little out-of-spec when you demand more than 700W from it, though for everything else, it is a decent PSU.

    It is an older model however.
  3. Yeah thanks, professional reviews seemed to be fine, but consumer reviews on NewEgg lead me to believe there were a lot of DOA items, something I really didn't feel like dealing with it.

    I wouldn't use it for anything intensive (I wouldn't replace my Corsair 700w with it), I'd just use it for backup/extra parts.
  4. ^ Thanks, yeah Fatal1ty were the ones I was trying to remember that were really good.
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