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Okay, first before I go on with the post I would like to thank all who have helped me with my first homebuilt. Now that I got the rebooting issue out of the way I decided to run the PC for a straight 6 hours to see if there were any hiccups. It turns out one of them just did.

I did not do much, mainly web browsing and about 1 hour of quake live. After which the monitor turned dark and resumed about 15 seconds after with a message pop up saying my ATI driver stopped responding but recovered successfully. About 20 minutes later the same issue occurred again however this time it did not recover. Instead the mouse froze and only parts of windows were visible. I could see the outline of my windows but there were no colors.

I am hoping this is a small problem and my guess is it could be with the drivers and not something physical. I hope this is not the symptom of an overheating GPU or something.

Anyone have a clue what type of problem this might be so I can start looking into it?
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  1. Video card or the driver.

    Try the driver first. It's cheaper. :)

    Otherwise, you need to test the video card in another system - preferably one using an ATI video card.
  2. What are your complete system specs? Faulty RAM or incorrect RAM settings in the BIOS can also cause the driver to stop responding.
  3. As jsc says, it's most likely the driver.

    What version of Catalyst are you running? I'd update to the newest (10.6 just released), but make sure that you uninstall the old version first.

    If you still continue to have problems, google "driver cleaner". There's no need to get the pro version. You'll want to uninstall normally, boot into safe mode, run driver cleaner, reboot, and install the new version of Catalyst.
  4. I just updated to 10.6 and so far so good. I will keep testing to see if the same issue arises.

    Complete system specs are i5 750 2.66 cpu, win 7 64 bit, 4gig ram, 500 hdd, ati 5770. All bios settings are default. Windows recognizes all my ram as well.
  5. Okay it just happened.

    I'm using ATI 10.6 drivers this time and the system did not recover. Basically the screen turned black, or froze, and I just saw a basic outline of my firefox browser (loading quake live web page with hotmail open in tabs).

    I search the web for this issue and many people have this but I have not found any solution.
  6. Did you try using driver cleaner & booting into safe mode and all that?

    I had a similar problem with my dad's computer, and it seemed to act much better after doing the full clean, as there were some leftover files/registry entries from earlier installs of Catalyst.
  7. Do I uninstall the catalyst control center as well?

    Edit: linked Driver Sweeper as an alternative free version since the driver cleaner has been removed and now I gotta pay. Hope it does the same thing. I will also uninstall catalyst control center and then install from scratch 10.6 see how that goes.
  8. Yeah, i can never remember which one, but either should work.
  9. Okay I uninstalled the gpu device and drivers, ran driver sweeper and now I am installing the ATI 10.6 catalyst package. If the problem persists I will revive this thread.
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