Can anyone access my computer through network

I am using an office network. My boss who is not a good man wants to see what we are doing in our computers. He tries to get our passwords, installs lots of remote assistance softwares and now something called tracking the IP.

1. Please tell me whether it is possible for someone to enter our computers which are password protected?

2. How can we securely chat, surf internet or send emails without getting tracked by this idiot ?
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  1. If you are using company equipment/network they have the right to track what you are doing. What you do can not only pose a threat to their equipment but in some cases, their business as a whole.

    1. Yes there are many ways in which someone can access/view your system with our without you logged in.

    2. You are using the office network. You must abide by the office policies for this. If they track you, they track you. There may be ways to bypass whatever they are using to track you but I would not recommend this. I have worked in places where actions like that will get you fired at the very least. If you don't want the company to see what you are doing you probably shouldn't be doing it at work.

    One thing he should definately not be doing to trying to get your passwords. Is there someone else higher up in the company that this can be brought up to?
  2. Dear kaa0653

    Thanks for the reply. I agree with you. but this is not a genuine need of tracking us to safeguard the company. Our office normally allows the employees to use VOIP, surf internet or send personal emails during free time. ( Not all the time) This man wants to track those things, for example with whom we are talking, what websites we are surfing, what emails we send to the other etc. Its merely to put oneself down and earn some credits from his superior
  3. Does your IT or HR department have a written policy on this? That would be my starting point.

    Get an iphone or something else, that you pay for, if you want to surf without them watching it.
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