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hey guys,

i have just got a new rig and it has been pre oc'd to 4.0ghz from 2.8. i have that new turbo step technology so i cant see the real power with CPU-Z coz it underclocks inself, all 4 cores, to 1.2Ghz

I wanted to know if there was any programme, like MSI afterburner, for CPU's? i have D/L'd Rivatuner but it dosnt seem to support my system. The part where you click the customize arrow to change options isnt avalible when i get it.

Any help much appreciated.
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  1. Prime 95 is good for putting your CPU under load. You can also check in BIOS, power saving isnt active yet so it reports the full speed of the CPU.
  2. Just tried prime95 and it stoppped @ 2.943Ghz. i have seen it go to 3.5 during WoW. is there anything that will get it to it's 4.0ghz OC?

    Also, does coreTemp log your Clock as well as Temp?

  3. i Have an i5 760 from ocuk. They told me it was overclocked to 4.0ghz.
  4. unbelievable. They have a really good reputation as well, cant understand it to be honest.
  5. Running prime on all cores you still get a single multiplier boost so it brings you up another 133MHz to ~2.933MHz, from the looks of it you got one at stock speed. Double check your receipt and make sure you were supposed to get the OC'ed version, if so give them a call, they might have just shipped you the wrong one by mistake.
  6. i have the recipt right in front of me. it says 2.8 Ghz @ 4.0Ghz ( tried, tested and stable )

    I cant see how they shipped me the wrong one though because it came with my GTX 470 and no OS ect.......
  7. how do i post image here, canty seem to d o it?
  8. upload it to imageshack and then post a link to it.
  9. removed
  10. i wont let me remove it, or change it. lol
  11. ahh, i done it, i think.
  12. thanks for all the help.
  13. nvidiafanboi said:
    i Have an i5 760 from ocuk. They told me it was overclocked to 4.0ghz.

    This smells a bit of miscommunication: One could very reasonably expect to be able to overclock that processor to 4.0. But it doesn't do that out of the box.
  14. this is the exact system i purchased. the only upgrade i made was GPU to a GTX 470.
  15. Did you happen to reset the BIOS since you got it? If so that would clear the OC and return it to stock speed. You should be able to OC it to 4GHz pretty easy yourself since it comes with a good cooler
  16. im not sure about resetting the bios to be honest. and i wouldnt know where to start with oc'ing.
  17. Yes, i got the cooler, the GPU, the extra fans. must of been a mistake i guess.

    I ahve all ready sent them an e-mail telling them, see what happens i guess.
  18. Hey if I was you i'd learn to OC. :) It can be quite easy if you have 30 minutes or so to read through a guide or 2.

    What happens if your OCed CPU becomes unstable?

    What happens if your BIOS resets from accidental CMOS button push / battery loss, or a BIOS update / reset for new hardware?

    *shrug, that's my view on a CPU pre-overclocked that extensively.

    But yeah they either messed up, or you bumped something. I'd learn to OC either way! There is awesome power in that CPU and 4ghz makes it scream.
  19. Yeah I agree with the above poster. Just search your CPU and motherboard and see if people have tried the same combo overclocking. If they have see what they posted about stability and overclock. It can be frustrating but it is a good thing to learn. Depending on your mobo, you should also have the ability to save profile, which saves all your current settings and overclock which is incredibly useful.

    Hell there are even tones of youtube videos to help you learn. It's really not as hard as you first think, but is a bit overwhelming unless you look for guides, there are tones of great guides out there.
  20. just thought i would re-post my progress. OCUK got in touch with me and it seems for some reason, one of thier technicians didnt save the OC profile.

    They went through it with me on the phone and it's all done now.

    2.8Ghz @ 4.0Ghz!!

    Thanks for everyones help, much appreciated.
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