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So I have done a lot of research on here and am about ready to pull the trigger and start to buy a lot of the hardware. I just wanted to ask the community for any input and answer a few questions I still have. I'll follow the template in the guide.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Sooner the better. This week.
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (nothing too graphic intensive - starcraft 2 and heroes of newerth), DLNA server, Video encoding, Work/Office
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: ALREADY PURCHASED - Viewsonic WS monitor 1920/1080 max resolution, Corsair 750TX PSU, Corsair 700D ATX case, Keyboard, Mouse
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, Frys, Microcenter (I live in Silicon Valley)
PARTS PREFERENCES: I like Intel for CPU and corresponding Mobo, Partial to Intel for SSD, but up to input, really like Crucial products, so probably them for memory, but I'm not up-to-date on the latest manufacturers, so I'm up for input.
OVERCLOCKING: Maybe - don't know a lot about overclocking but may look into it eventually, not immediately
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes - eventually (PSU supports it and am looking for mobo with CF support)
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Am looking to spend about $200 for a SSD drive to use for boot drive. Would eventually like to buy an additional one and set it up in RAID. Really like the Intel 80GB X25M G2.

As seen above, I have already purchased the Corsair 750TX PSU and 700D ATX case. I got a good deal on those on Newegg and figured they wouldn't be coming down in price much in the near future so I pulled the trigger. I just bought a nice viewsonic monitor with a 1920x1080 max resolution. Have a gaming mouse and Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that I really like, so what I am missing is the meat and bones: CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU.

What I am thinking

Intel i7 930 CPU
Intel X25 G2 80GB SSD SATA 2.5' Drive
Radeon 5770 1GB DDR5 GPU (x2 for future upgrade in crossfire)
Crucial DDR3 1600mhz 6gb RAM(

So what do you guys think, any potential bottlenecks? I don't know if the X58 is worth the extra cash above the P55 chipsets and processors. Also, I'm not sure who is making the best memory these days. Double or triple channel?

Any input is appreciated and given the components I have already purchased, what is the best way to complete this build with spending about $1k more?

Thanks guys.

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  1. forgot to mention I am using 2x 1TB Samsung spinpoint 5400rpm drives for media storage (which were already purchased).
  2. ^ Your usage doesnt seem so demanding IMO...So even a i5 750 would be a good option...
    Do you use the PC for video encoding often ?? and any other CPU intensive tasks apart from the video encoding ??
  3. But with the above deals you mentioned, I feel there wont be much price difference if you go with i5 or the i7...
    So rather stick with i7 930...
  4. Stability is important, too, as I will be using the system as a DLNA server. I will be streaming a lot of BluRay, 1080p content to my new LG TV. I'm not sure of this is a CPU intensive process, but I imagine it is.

    I can get the i7 930 for 199.99 at the local microcenter, so that is likely what I will go if I go for the X58 chipset. Still debated whether I want to go with the X58 or the P55. I've heard the way the X58 handles PCI Express, it might be better for Crossfire or any other multi GPU configuration.
  5. ^ Overall the X58 is a better platform than the P55...
    And cost is the main reason why people would suggest going with the P55...
    But here I dont think the price difference is high...

    i5 750 -> ~$189
    A good ASUS mobo with x8x8 crossfire and SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0 -> ~$180
    4GB RAM - ~$110

    Total - ~$480

    i7 930 -> ~$199
    UD3R -> ~$210
    6GB kit that you plan to get from Frys -> ~$140 After rebates...

    Total - $550

    Difference -> ~$70, You get a faster CPU, 2GB more RAM and a better X58 platform...

    One reason to go with P55 would be lower power consumption if that matters...And also for cards like HD 5770 the x8x8 Crossfire would be fine...Only with cards like the HD 5850 and above, you could notice some difference...
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