Monitor signal out of range while trying to play l4d2

Hi I have recently bought a new pc thats has: Gainward 0568 9800 GT GREEN EDITION CUDA .Well my problem is that when i try to play l4d2 my monitor (flatron lg 19') says signal out of range and all i get is the game sound .I 'vre tried to change the settings but nothing happens, for example my monitor says 74mhz/60 khz and when i change it for example to 80 it says 94mhz/80. any ideas??? i cannot access the game at all so i cant change the options from inside the game. thank you! *(ps my monitor is not new its like 3-4 years old -ive tried to update the drivers but i couldnt find anything)
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  1. Reinstall the game.. Is your monitor a CRT?? In case yes, put the resolution to 1280 x 1024 and the refresh rate to 75 Hz..
  2. You can manually set resolution options in steam.
  3. Well no it's a TFT monitor and i did reinstall it and tried different resolutions but nothing! thanx for your reply!
  4. I will try it thank you for your reply!
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