Core i7 980x maximum turbo 3508 mhz ?!

i have i7 980x and a ud7 motherboard , and under maximum loading the maximum turbo Frequency is 3508 mhz (x26) ,

it suppose to be 3.6, how can i reach it ?!
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  1. Turn OFF turbo and do old style overclocking.. With that CPU, it is just a matter of increasing the multiplier.. You can achieve much more than 3.6GHz without even needing to increase any voltage(s) levels..
  2. I was able to achive 4.2ghz stable with everything in auto and using #3 on Gigabytes OC program. I have changed settings and am at 3.73ghz. I did not like my ram at 1.7v
  3. If you are using more than 2 cores there is only 1 bin of turbo boost available which brings the CPU speed to ~3.46GHz, if you are only using one or two cores then you have two bins available which brings it to ~3.6GHz.

    Since it has an unlocked multiplier you can bump the multiplier up by one or two yourself and get higher speeds than turbo will give you normally.
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