ECS Motherboard-No video signal

Hi.I have this motherboard. I don't receive video signal when I open the PC.I reseted the Bios,it worked for 5 minutes,but then image freezes.I tried again to reset bios,but no effect.Can someone tell me if I replace the capacitors,it will work?
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  1. Welcome
    It could be that your Graphics card died.
  2. I changed the motherboard and now the PC works fine. I have nvidia fx 5200.
  3. Good news it was either or!
  4. I want to repair the old motherboard...
  5. If you can find the trouble parts like blown / bulging capacitors you can! Other wise it is trial and error since it could be anything.
  6. Yes,it has a lot of bulging capacitors. I will try to replace them next week but I want more advices from you.
  7. All I can say is careful use of soldering iron and new correct size capacitors is what you need.
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