Excess ram in windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

i have a 4gb 1066 ddr2 system and i have recently loaded windows 7 ultimate... it seems i can use only 3gb out of 4gb memory... can i use the excess 1 gig as virtual ram to boost my graphic ram which is 4670 ati 512????
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  1. ^That's probably because you have a 32bit copy of windows which can address 3GB ram only! :(

    You can't use that excess 1GB RAM to boost your gfx ram, even if you could, it won't have given you any significant boost in performance.
  2. How about just upgrading to the 64 bit edition and use all the available RAM..!!
  3. Yes, 32bit OS only use about 3.2 GB of RAM, so if you want to use all of your memory then upgrade your OS with win7 64bit... :)
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