On a SATA 2 machine, C300 or Vertex 2?

On a SATA 2 machine, which would be better out of a Crucial C300 64GB or the OCZ Vertex 2 60GB (the 4GB doesn't bother me). It's for a boot drive and while the Crucial looks the better option, would it be that fast on SATA2?

I've seen the stats and the Crucial looks blistering fast, but are the read/write/iops numbers based on a SATA3 setup? I think an upgrade to SATA3 is not on the agenda for a while.

Many thanks,
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  1. C300 is faster on SATA3, Vertex 2 is faster on SATA2.. Personally though, i'll get the cheaper one..
  2. hmmm... that's interesting. There's not a lot in it price wise. I jumped the gun and recommended the Vertex 2 to my brother-in-law while we were talking about SSDs (were on offer at eBuyer) and I'm glad I did. I think I'll get that one myself although they're now a few quid more expensive. I figure the upgrade to SATA3 is a way off so Vertex 2 it is!

    Thanks emperus.

    Anyone else want to throw their opinion or experience in? Thanks in advance.
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    Vertex 2 was the right choice... (similar results would occur at equal capacity)
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  5. Thanks for the link Tecmo34. Now then, how do I make £120 in one day with minimal (read 'no') effort? :D
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