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So I just got my 5970 in on Saturday, and then went out of town for two days. Now that i have some time to get things going, I'm working with MSI Afterburner. I have the voltage at 1.062, core at 825, mem at 1150. However, when I look at the graphs to the side, it shows GPU 2 at stock settings (725/1000) and only GPU 1 with the updated numbers.

In the settings, I have it set to be synchronized, but the display isn't showing it. It also shows that GPU2 is always clocked up, not going back down for 2D performance (157/300)

Can anyone offer me any advice? Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. See below
  2. So running Kombustor in the background to test everything out, I get a weird thing where my GPU usage drops to 133% (with both GPU's = 200%)

    When I toggle the "fuzzy image" off, it distributes the load to both of them equally @ 66% each. When the image is on, GPU1 goes to 99% and GPU2 goes to 33%.

    Whats the deal with that?
  3. Hi there, I would recommend changing the corevoltage using ATI's Voltage tool or MSI Afterburner to: 1.1162v. Then set the Core clock to: 890mhz and Memory Clock to 1193mhz. Change the fan settings so they run a little higher to cool the card a bit more and this will make your card perform much better. Straight away you'll see some very impressive gains through a testing tool such as 3D Mark Vantage.
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