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Howdy, as we're all aware we've crested that halfway point through 2010 and I'm fairly shocked to be having so much trouble finding USB 3.0 front ports on computer cases. Originally I planned on a mid tower case but now I'm wondering if a full tower is my only option. It's a shame, I was hoping my case would be one of the more affordable components I'd be purchasing for my new video/image editing and gaming rig, but I can't seem to find anything under $170. Is anyone aware of some affordable, quality (well ventilated) mid or (less preferably) full-tower cases that are usb 3.0 equipped?

I deeply appreciate the help.
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  1. haf x its at $180 right now on new egg
  2. I know what you mean about hoping that the case would be one of the more affordable pieces, I thought the same thing when I built my first computer. But you should really make sure you get a quality case.
    If you go cheap with the case it can lead to a lot more pain in the big picture, namely heat and noise, but also the cheaper cases just don't last as long, and sometimes literally fall apart!
    Here are a few that I found though:
    HAF 942 (It's a full tower, probably way too much for what you want, goes at like $180)

    But here is something you could probably use though(Mid ATX, USB 3.0, and cheap):
    Thermaltake V9
    Thermaltake Armor A60
  3. What's the point of making front USB 3.0 ports as your case buying criteria.!! There are no motherboards available with USB 3.0 front panel headers.. Base your criteria on something more practical..
  4. Asus,MSI,and ASrock make front panel USB 3.0 mobo's btw.
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