New Rig Final Picks-Please Rate

AMD 965 C3 125watt
Asus CrossHair 4
G.Skill Trident 2000 16000 w/S-Fan
CoolerMaster V8
CoolerMaster HAF-X
2x Sapphire Vapor X
WD Caviar Black 500gb
Asus DVD Burner
Windows 7 Home 64bit
CoolerMaster 200mm and 120mm red led
Rosewill 80mm red led
Artic Silver 5
=1542.51 w/shipping + 40mir

I spent a lot of time researching and planning and this is what I have come up with for a high-end gaming rig,
there was a few bumps in the road with mother board and video cards, then memory and cooler setups but this
is what I feel at the moment to be the best possible outcome!

Please tell me what you think, like if you think there is something else I should get. I don't want to get to much into it
but there were a lot of other canidates for each part.
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    Looks really nice!
    The only thing i'll critique is that there are better coolers out there then the V-8.
    If you recieved a combo deal or an excellent price i can understand why you might keep it.
    If that isn't the case the HAF-X will handle any air-cooled heatsink available size wise.
    Noctua D-14,Megahalems, Venomous X-RT,and even the Scythe Mugen 2 come to mind.
    And all of them are quieter and outperform the V-8.Need to buy fans for the Mega.
    Just saying cuz you asked.
  2. What model are those graphics cards? 5770? 5850? 5870?

    You might consider switching to a Samsung Spinpoint F3 or a Seagate 7200.12, as the WD Caviar Black 500 GB drive is 2x250 GB platters, as opposed to a single 500 GB platter, which means the WD runs a little slower.
  3. Ok, well first, I was getting info from g.skill about there memory and they were super quick, then the second I told them
    I was putting there memory on an AM3 board they said this. Oh, well we don't give advise if your putting it on AMD. But they said we only advise getting there new flares for X6's

    Anyways so I am just going back to crucial ballistix tracers 4gb red, they are not as fast as the others but I know from
    talking to some on the internet who has this setup.

    The 2x Vapor X, they are 5770's for CF-X. Then the black caviar I was told is better than the 7200.12, but that will be
    an easy change cause the seagates are cheaper.

    The cooler was the hardest thing to find because I didn't want it bumping into the memory, I guess since I am going
    with Tracers there not so tall, but the coolers I wanted were the Tuniq Tower 120 extreme and 212+.
    I would love teh D-14 but I got to make sure what ever I get will fit with the memory.
  4. Well I can get any cooler short of the V10, but anything under the $90-80 mark. I check and they have an
    extensive list of boards and compatibility issues, and on the crosshair 4 there seems to be none, but looking at it, it looks like
    it stretchs more towards the back of the case rather than towards the memory.

    My second choice would be the FRIO, it was on the top of FrostyTechs infamous list of coolers, which is where I base all
    my cooling. I was settling with the V8 only because I was having a hard time figuring out if the cooler would fit.
    But since Nocuta does that for me its worth the little extra, if your paying 60 why not top off at 90.

    The only thing I don't like about them bigger coolers is that there over 1000 grams!!! I just don't want to crack my mobo
    because I moved my computer over a foot. Anyways I was thinking about getting the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme again, I would
    probably put a different fan with-in it but it seems to do better than most, and is on the top 10 list, plus my favorite is
    its not even 800grams. IDK what do you think I should get?
  5. Well I think I have chosen the cooler and memory.
    I would enjoy the g.skill tridents that are on the ASUS list, and at 2000 they would be very fast. but g.skill told me they
    don't recommend me putting there memory on AM3, so I am going to get the crucail tracers 4gb red instead. The tracers
    work very good on the crosshair 4, and the latency and everything work spectacular.

    Then the cooler I am want is the CM Hyper 212+ for a couple of reasons.
    1st-In tests it does pretty good, but, if I were to get 2x CM120mm reds 90cfms, then it would increase by a large margin.

    2nd-Its weight with these two fans would still be pretty light at 858grams, but since its shape and size it isn't like the
    V8 thats quite tall, which could snap off very easy.

    3rd-I can install it top to bottom so I would increase air flow up out of the top of the HAF-X which it was designed for like in the HAF 932 and 922.

    4th-If bought from the right place(not newegg) then I could get it for 37 w/shpping at frys, which would make its total with
    the new fans 57$ or if I get it from Newegg 80$ w/ fans.

    My conclusion is that all these aspects give it the edge compared to others that can't add another fan, weigh to much, cost to much, cool less or equal, and mainly the hyper 212+ fits like a charm w/ the memory, while other might fit in the HAF-X
    nicely, they will block my memory.
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