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Intel 330 vs M4 vs 830 vs Chronos vs Hyper 3k

The intel 330 series are quite alot on sale this week, and i wanted to know if they are good quality considering its 105$ for 120gb,
the samsung 830 is 120$ for 128gb
Mushkin 120gb for 100$
Hyper 3 120gb , good sale once more, for 95$
M4 Micron c400 128gb for 110$

Or if any other website has a good deal on ssd`s.
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  1. Did you search the forum for this question which has been asked basically on an hourly basis for the last 2 years?
  2. I searched google for it, which gave me comparision between higher end ssds, who aren`t the ones i am looking at. I know tomshardware reviewed the hyper 3k to be the one for 120$, but the 330 is low price and it havent found the comparision between those 2. I also dont know if 330 is good compared to 520.
  3. Intel has historically had very high reliability rates but the 330 is pretty new so remains to be seen. I'd probably get the Mushkin - lots of good press these days.
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    You can get the Samsung 830 128gb for $90 and I think it is the best personally. The 330 is ok. I think Intels 520 is really their high end to compare to the 830, Chronos Deluxe, and Hyper 3. The m4 is a solid ssd but not quite the on par with the others.

    830 for $90
    Always check or other deal sites like Toms Hardware before buying.
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