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CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: (Nvidia Geforce 8100/720a, 450W Win Power)





ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (Need a lot of advice)

Hey gang, I have finally decided on a GPU but I need a lot of advice. I have chosen this card:


Powercolour 5850

My first question is whether or not there is a size difference between the regular Powercolour 5850 and the PCS+ one?

Also will it work with my motherboard?


Secondly I will be needing a new power supply to run this and I'm not sure exactly what to choose, I've heard some people say a 550W PSU and others tell me a 600W. Lastly do Power Supplies vary in size? Or is it one size fits all?

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. All current mid range to high end video cards (which includes the 5850) feature a double slot cooler on the reference cards itself.. The PCS+ from powercolor gives non reference cooling solution which is also a double slot cooling.. Thus, noapparent size difference..

    Your motherboard link came a dead.. However, i gather from your provided data that it has onboard 8100 graphics.. THus it'll definitely have a pci-ex X 16 slot which is good for the card you've selected..

    You can get the CORSAIR VX 550W.. It has enough juice to power that card.. Power supplies do vary in size depending on their wattage..
  2. I fixed the link. Are you sure about the size? I seem to remember the PCS+ having some kind of pipe system on the side of it? Also would I be better off with a 600W rather than 550W, I'd like a PSU that could run everything quite easily and the impression you gave me with a 550W has left me quite nervous.
  3. Go to www.corsair.com and use the PSU calculator to find out for yourself.. For a more detailed analysis, go to the below provided link --

  4. Your mobo is up to AMD Phenom™ II X4 Processor, so what is your current CPU?
    Corsair VX 550W is enough to run HD5850, that's a high quality PSU...
  5. My CPU is an AMD 630 X4
  6. I've just been reading up about bottlenecking and I'm quite concerned, will my CPU bottleneck the 5850 in anyway?
  7. Yes, your proc. will bottlenecking the 5850...
    Upgrade to Phenom II X4 to get full performance of 5850... :)
  8. How bad will the bottleneck be? How will this effect my gaming? Because I barely have enough for the 5850 and a PSU so I can't buy a CPU anytime soon.
  9. well, you can upgrade your CPU later when you have money...
    It's okay having a new PSU and hd5850 for now. :)
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