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I have a Dell Dimension 3100 and my husband can't read the text on the monitor that came with the PC. I bought a widescreen plugnplay monitor, and my horse pictures are "long as a train!" How can I find a bigger flatscreen 4:3 monitor that is reasonably priced?
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  1. Instead of searching for a 4:3 display, why don't you make the text larger..!! If you are using windows 7 operating system then you can make the text larger by right clicking on the desktop and selecting screen resolution.. You'll see a link written "Make text and other objects larger or smaller".. Click on it and select the mode that best suits you and click apply..

    P.S. - Changing the resolution to a lower value also might give you similar results..
  2. Also it sounds like your pictures are just being stretched to match the screen, otherwise they would be the same length no matter the aspect ratio of the monitor.
  3. I'd keep the new monitor, but if you have the packaging or manual for it, it should list a "native resolution." This will look sharpest and give you the proper aspect ratio for your photos and video. Its probably 1680x1050 or 1920x1080. At these higher resolutions, the text will appear smaller, so definitely increase the text size to something comfortable as instructed above.
  4. You can also increase/decrease text size in web browsers by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing + or -
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