ASUS P5E problems after bios update

Hi, i have asus P5E 1333 FSB, intel X38/ICH9R.

i have updated bios from 0107 to 1201, update went well,but was having problems(wasn't stable), so i downgraded to version 1102,
update went well again,but after computer restarted (after update), it wont start (no post at all). fans just start spinning and after
1 second it's restarting and so on.. i checked my RAM memory (all seems fine), but now 2 slots doesn't work (dimm_A1 & dimm_A2).
so trying to boot with 1 RAM stick and it's restarting in A1 & A2, but when i put RAM stick into B1 & B2 it works (well fans work and seems
everything should work) but nothing appears on screen. tried remove battery and clear cmos (CLRTC_sw) switch. motherboard light is green.

so just want to know if it's bios chip problem. any suggestions ? i realy need some help here :)
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  1. Boot with the motherboard CD in the drive as that will flash the board to the BIOS on the CD if it is corrupted.
  2. I tried everything, it's not booting at all. it just switches on for 1 second and keep restarting itself... i contacted my mate, he suggested that need reprogramming bios via PSI. so found guy on ebay who does this job (only for ASUS boards) for £12.99 +£6.50 postage. so sending my mobo tomorrow and will see what will hapen :) fingers crossed :) will let you now if it's fixed on Thursday or Friday. maybe someone will have same problems like me...

    thank you :o
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