Is my emachines computer good for games

i have a emachines computer its graphics are done by nvidia is it good for gaming
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  1. Short answer: No

    I know this because Emachines are basically Acer's budget computers, you can't buy a high end Emachine.

    Your best bet is to list your system specs, and maybe some of the more experienced users could recommend a graphics card for you. Also, tell us how old it is. I had an emachine a while ago, and that will help us determine what kind of card you can get. assuming you're interested.
  2. We would need much more information about your computer to answer that question. Tell us your processor, amount of ram, actual video card and what the resolution of the monitor you plan to use is.
  3. This is pretty much like asking if your honda civic is good for street racing. I mean you can put a fart can on it and make it loud, but in the end its still a piece of ***.
  4. Gaming on an emachine like trying to kill an elephant with a .22 pistol.

  5. Well, tell us the complete specs... CPU, RAM, PSU, VGA, etc...

    basically, emachines are bad...
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