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Hi, I currently have a EVGA GTS 250 that i use as my main card and 8800GT for physx.
I am considering an upgrade but I don't know what to choose
It will perform better with two 8800GT?
Or should I grab my friends Palit GTS250?
The problem is that my EVGA is 1gb of GDDR3 and the Palit is 512 and I think the Palit is 55nm GPU.
Wich choice is better ?
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  1. Don't bother with your friends GTS250 and track down another 1GB edition of your GTS250 and both are 55nm regardless. gpuz can't tell the 65nm G92 from the 55nm G92.
  2. Well Im a little cheap at this...Becouse I will make a swap I give him the 8800GT and he gives me his GTS 250 512, and didnt know if its better this way or just find another 8800GT to do SLI
  3. Well if your friend has a 8800gt as well then go ahead but remember you will only be able to use 512mb of vram in sli.
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