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Hi, I am trying to upgrade my old Dell System. I ordered an e6700 3.2 ghz with an l2 cache of 2 megs. Now i noticed there is a similar cpu, the e7600 processor that is 3.06 ghz, but the cache is 3megs. Will the l2 cache of an extra 1meg make a difference in gaming? Should I spend the extra 50 dollars and get the e7600 they both have an FSB of 1066.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    No its not worth it, because 2mb vs 3mb l2 cache doesn't make a noticeable difference in games
  2. ^+1, possibly a few frames but nothing to justify the extra cost.

    If it was an E8000 series CPU with 6 MB L2 cache then there would be a noticeable difference.

    Just make sure that your Dell's motherboard can support the new CPU.
  3. I would recommend getting a quad core instead (if the the motherboard supports it),because although E8xxx series will give a good boost but going for quad cores is more logical
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