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Hello,im here because other forums couldnt help me and i hope this one can.
I'm building a new pc , it should be a mid range gaming pc , here are the specs:
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition

ATI HD 5770 , in the future i will buy another one and put them in CrossFire

Gygabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H , if u can recomand another one wich has similar specs ( CrossFire , etc ) but shouldnt be more expensive than this one plz do so .

Corsair TX 650W PSU

Western Digital Caviar Black 500Gb or 1TB

At the case i didnt chose one , its between Cooler Master HAF 922 or Antec 600 wich one should i chose for my rig?

At the RAM its the same problem i would get a 4Gb kit from Corsair but didnt chose one yet because of the price differences , if you could recomand a low cost kit because my budget is almost his limits or if i should get a 2Gb Kit ( the OS will be a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit ).

Sory for so many questions and thx in advance if u can help me.
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  1. i try to avoid Asrock because i had very bad experinces with it in the past and im from Romania , does newegg shipping here? and about the case wich one should i chose?
  2. Suggest u drop by Xtremesystems to have a look at the 800 series Asrock OC/users threads :P Between those two i would pick CM 922 but also consider NZXT Hades?
  3. and between the CM 922 and the NZXT Hades wich one should i get because all 3 cases are at the same price
  4. The former then cos here the latter is cheaper on Egg ^^
  5. and the proc , someone said that i should get a 955 black edition and overclock it and i will get the same performance as the 965 black edition
  6. is that true?
  7. Yes it is : actually wat is your budget cos could be we chug out more frames for the $$
  8. 800 $ is the max i can get not even a $ more and if u could help he fit a monitor in it u would be the best , btw my current proc on my ancient machine is an Intel Celeron so every proc would seem a huge performance
  9. $682AR
  10. i got more money, now got 900 $ , but as i said this does not apply to me because i dont think they do shipping here and the rebate wont do, plus i would like to stick with my Corsair PSU and RAM because the RAM has lifetime warranty and u never know and about the case i think i will go with the HAF 922 and the motherboard u recomand is it better than the other i said? because they have the some price here
  11. The Asrock is a full $45 cheaper than the Gigabyte 890GX on Egg so just a basic idea of config: go with a 870 if u have to and ditch CF and just hit the best GPU your $$ can buy you Even more so if u are thinking of squeezing an LCD in there hehe
  12. Just a bystander, but i'd go with the NZXT Hades case. I was going to buy that one myself, but I dont have the money sadly :(. Ive seen it in person it looks awesome.
  13. Ya me too : side by side with it it just blows one away @@
  14. i agree with u at the price, there, but here its the same price and about the CPU 965 or 955 ? and thx goalguy876 i will see them both and make a decision then
  15. the hades looks like darth vaders case :P. And save money by getting the 955 and just overclock it.
  16. I would say set priority on the best GPU and see what chip you can nab with the balance ^^
  17. thx ^^ , i will do so, and now i got 2 questions: i argued with someone about the necessarily RAM for Windows 7 64bit to run , i said that it would work with 2GB but he said its impposible and that it needs at least 4GB so how much does it need?

    second: someone asked me if he should go with 3-way SLI ( 8400 GT if i remmember correctly ) or with a GTX 260 , so wich is better?
  18. Win 7 will work with 2 GB of RAM, but you probably won't be all that happy with it.
  19. Based on THG Best Graphics Cards for the Money, June 2010, there is no way that 3x 8400 will come close to a 260. 3x 8800s might work, but it's probably not cost-efficient.

    Typically speaking, a generation old SLI config can keep up with current-generation or be a little faster. But the 8400s are now 3 generations old and the 8400 is pretty near the low end of the line.

    My typical recommendation is that if you're 2-3 generations behind, just get the best new graphics card you can afford. If you're only 1 generation behind and your graphics are starting to slip, you could either SLI/CrossFire or buy a new graphics card, depending on the resale value of your current card and personal preference.
  20. so i was right ( it only should work , not flawless ) and about my second question
  21. Even worse. :P

    What I meant was that both nVidia and ATI number their cards such that the first number in the model indicates the generation of the card, and the next 2 or 3 numbers indicate where in the product line it is.

    So for the 8400, it's the 8000-series, and 400 gives you an idea of how powerful the card is within that series.
  22. just for asking , if the 8400 is low end then where is my GeForce 5200
  23. got it , btw guys wich of the 3 cases has better air-flow ( HAF 922 , Antec 600 or Hades )
  24. and overall cooling
  25. wai a min , i readed the features of the Asrock 870 Extreme3 wich batuchka recomanded and it says : ""Supports ATI Quad CrossFire, CrossFireX"" , how can it suport quad CrossFire with 2 PCI slots ???!!!! [...] 6813157198
  26. guys? , anyone?
  27. im geting down the page but need to finish this rig fast T.T
  28. Technically 2x 5970 would fit in 2x PCI slots and it would be quad crossfire, due to having 4 GPUs. That's the only thing I can think of.
  29. yeah ur right but they say 4-way not 4 GPU so technically a 4-way is with 4 video cards, and about the air flow and cooling in the cases? wich one does it better?
  30. so at the proc what is the minimum i should buy?
  31. Athlon II X3 435 is as low as you should go.
  32. thx , and i know this is a stupid question but if i will go with intel and nvidia with this money will i get better or lower performance than this one?
  33. There is really no way to get a comparable Intel/nVidia build at this budget.

    An i5 build would be the closest comparison, and the closest nVidia card to the 5850 is the new 470. That's something like a $1100-1200 build, in all likelihood.

    My general recommendations for gaming:
    under $1000 - AMD & 5770 or 5850
    $1000-$1500 - AMD or Intel & 5850, 5870, 5970 or 470, 480 depending on price/preference
    $1500-$2000 - AMD X4 955/965 or i5 & whatever graphics card(s) you want
    $2000+ - whatever you want, though 5870 is probably minimum for graphics at this point
  34. so trying to put a 965 at my budget has no mean , right??
  35. For gaming, you're not going to see a huge difference between the X3 and the 965 X4. There could be some, but it shouldn't be an insane amount. Tom's recommends the X3s for most processor budgets between $70-$150.

    Really, what you want for gaming is the biggest graphics card you can afford, and then upgrade processor/RAM/storage after that. An X3 and a 5850 will perform really well. If you have money left over after that, you could consider upgrading to the 965, though if you have a full $100 or so, you might consider getting a 5870 instead of upgrading the processor.
  36. ok , i will go with the X3 and if i want to overclock it how much will it do with a stock cooler?
  37. Not a lot. If you're going to overclock, you should really get a different HSF.

    Keep in mind that if you find that your processor power is lacking for other tasks, AMD is planning on bringing out new chips for the AM3 socket next year, so there will be new chips (and old ones could drop in price).
  38. with more cores or with new tech?
  39. New tech. Google "AMD Bulldozer" for more info.
  40. will it stick with 40nm or go lower?
  41. Google has all of your answers.
  42. so u dont know
  43. I'm not certain just off the top of my head. I believe it's 32 nm, I said, google will know for certain.
  44. then it wont be compatible with my mobo and i will have to do an upgrade again
  45. SpeedHunter_2010 said:
    then it wont be compatible with my mobo and i will have to do an upgrade again


    AMD is currently stating that the next-gen chips will run on AM3. - look at the Enthusiast row.
  46. so basically the bulldozer will be able do kinda Hyper Threading , right?
  47. right?
  48. between Gigabyte and MSI wich has better boards?
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