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hi all...

i'm going to build a new PC for myself, which will be used for work, and gaming.
I have had a look at vaious bit and bobs and found that the,review-31919.html sounds about right for my neeeds.

I just had one or two questions... currenlty I have a 19" flat CRT and may decide to go for a 22" LCD... is it worth me getting the two GPU's mentioned in the above post
(2 x Gigabyte GV-N470D5-13I-B in SLI
2 x 1.28GB GDDR5-3482
2 x GeForce GTX 470 GPU at 607 MHin)

I was thinking it will be better and cheaper for me to go for 1X 1gb ATI 5870? what you guys think?

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  1. The HD 5850 is a better buy than a GTX 470 and why not consider that? Am assuming your 22" is Full HD and not 1680 x 1050? Hmm now that u are considering multi GPU, me thinks $$ is not an object so why not at least a 23-24" Full HD?
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