PS3 cpu

i just want to know how the hell is the ps3 so powerful i swear its only 256mb video ram
so how the hell can it be beating games out thier on the pc.
Look at games like uncharted 2, gt5,killzone 3 etc...

i got a 360 and i play forza 3 im waiting for gran turismo 5 as i played the GT5 demo
and i saw their was a huge amount of difference in the detailing in the games on ps3 than the 360
and they are both 256mb Graphic cards
i play GTR evolution but it sucks probaly i cant use keyboards or somethin.

some one tell me the facts .
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  1. The CPU on the PS3 is powerful but the video chip is aging badlie. The reason why some games look better on the Xbox 360 is because of the slightly better GPU.
    I'm not 100% sure but I think that why it's like that.
  2. Its much easier to make something look nice and run smoothly on a console because they know exactly what hardware they are working with and can specifically optimize the games to the hardware. PC games are built to work with a variety of systems and hardware configurations which keep them from doing too much optimization to avoid alienating those who dont have the specific hardware set it was optimized for.
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