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Hey guys..Im having issues with my video card and I want to try putting it in the other pci slot..when I do, my computer doesnt recognize it..anyone know how to fix this?

geforce 280 gtx

vista 64x

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  1. what motherboard do you have?
  2. Which motherboard do you have..?? The card requires a pci-e 16X lane.. When connected to the second pci-e lane on some motherboards, it operates at 1X (may be more with nowadays mobo) and thus the card does not gets detected.. The second pci-e lane is only used by the secondary video card with full effect when the primary lane is filled.. But i guess this problem does not comes with a X58 board as it has two active pci-e 16X lanes..
  3. Ive tried the other blue one it didnt recognize it..and what do u mean the orange one it doesnt fit.
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