Are my temperatures okay?

Hello guys, ive recently bought and put together a new PC. Ive ran it since 2 days and it's been sounding like a jet engine ever since. So i changed some BIOS settings on Fan Speeds and so on and even though i took down the Case fans to about 500RPM (from 1000, 1500) and also slowed down the CPU fan a bit, the temperatures havent changed. So i thought that there must be something wrong.

Anyways here are the temperatures.

CPU: 28C (According to SpeedFan), 42C according to the BIOS?

Mobo: 38C

Case: 40C

So im wondering, are my temperatures okay? And also, why does the BIOS show 14C more than SpeedFan, and why havent the temperatures gone up even though i lowered the case fan speeds?

Hope you guys can help me :)

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  1. First... I recommend running Prime95 for at least an hour or two to get full load temps, which are more critical than idle temps (which yours are okay).

    Second... I recommend using RealTemp or HWMonitor over SpeedFan, as I've found that SpeedFan is about 10C cooler than those two applications, which better match my BIOS>
  2. Thanx for the answer. I tried HWmonitor and it was great. Allthough at "fans" it says that my CPU temp is about 44C but further down it says that each core is about 33C, what does that mean?

  3. It means your Individual Cores are running at 33C, which is the more important temperature reading.
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