Help matching video card to present power supply.


I have this psu in my system:

I had been considering the Sapphire ATI 5750 or 5770 video card. AMD told me that both cards would be fine with this PSU.
Thermaltake said, "W0379RU, the PCI-e and ATX 4+4 pin cable are run on the rail #2. HD5770 need up to 14A at full load. So this PSU may have some issue on power or 3D games with this video card."

I trust the reply from Thermaltake, but I'm wondering if there is another good graphics card out there that would be well within the range of my present cpu, but still worth the cost of adding to my system with its integrated ATI 420 chipset. I have an AMD 620 on a Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H mobo used as an HTPC. I would like to do some 3D gaming on my big screen.
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  1. your PSU is more then enough for the 5770

    25a on 12V1 and 18a on 12v2 for a total of 420w on your 12v
  2. Don't worry, your PSU have enough power to run HD5770... :)
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