i missing something?

This is my first post here. Whenever I google questions I need answers to I usually end up here so I figured id sign up.

Here's my problem. And I know its been discussed a lot before cause I looked around, but my 60gb OCZ vertex 4 ssd is only scoring 5.9 on wei. I know its been said that the wei is a terrible benchmark, but this one just really annoys me for some reason. I have it hooked up to a EVGA z77 FTW motherboard. Sata 6gbps (double checked its hooked up properly with correct cable). I ran the test after a fresh install of windows 7 64bit with my storage drive (500gb velociraptor) REMOVED from the system to make sure it tested only the ssd. 5.9. Everything I've read says that it should score at least a 7. But 5.9 :fou:

Now what makes me think I may have missed something is that when I installed windows, it took 45 minutes. My old pc had an older sata 2 OCZ ssd and it installed windows in 5-10 mins.

As far as I know the ssd has the latest firmware and looking into the bios its in the correct mode (I forget what its called, starts with a...) the bios even has me select that it is a ssd not simply a hard disk.

Am I missing something? I built my pc to be super quick and have a little something to brag about so this kinda feels like a slap in the face :(
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  1. Reset your Windows Experience Index:
    a.) Go to folder C:\Windows\Performance\WinSat\DataStore
    b.) In the DataStore folder delete all .xml files.
    c.) Reboot pc
    d.) Re-run WEI

    Also double-check that your SSD is in AHCI mode.
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