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I must be seeing things. I currently have a XFX Gefroce 7950GT. Well, its slowly imploding so I need to find a replacement. Most of the power graphics boards take up 2 spaces...that wouldn't be a problem except my PCIe slot is my last slot and all of the boards have vents where I don't have a hole in my case. Make sense? looking at the back of the case my PCI slot is at the top (MB vert), but all of the boards have their connectors at the bttm. I know, poor explanation.
Anyway, I need to replace my card with something that will fit in my case and am willing to spend up to approx $300.
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  1. having owned that PC, i feel your pain

    check out the ATI 5750 single slot cards
    even a 5770 if you upgraded the PSU
  2. If you want single slot card then you might want to buy HD5750 single slot card.
    I wouldn't dare to install HD4870 single slot, cause it can be pretty hot inside your case...
    Generally, dual slot card is better than single slot... :)
  3. Thanks all. This is the last Dell I will buy. Dells used to be fairly adaptable...extra cable length, extra connectors, etc. Dell has gone CHEAP and it's all about doing the minimum and keeping profits high. They have dumbed-down the PC so you have to buy a new one to upgrade. I'm very disappointed they bought Alien.
    I'm also disappointed in my XFX card. Too much money for it to go tits up.
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