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Hello Everyone!

I am preparing to upgrade my storage system in my current pc. I will be replacing my current boot drive (Intel

330 80 gig) to a shiny new OCZ 128 gb Vertex 4 I got for 69.99 :sol: then adding 1-2 OCZ 120 gb Vertex 3s

(also aquired for 64.99 each, sorry but just feel the need to brag :D )to act as my game drive(s)

Now since the Intel was my SSD I made several noob mistakes, like treating it like a typical HDD, not doing

AHCI or anything recommended in the forums(last time I make that mistake lolz).

Now I am looking to upgrade/correct my mistakes (and to upgrade from ati to nvidia

ghx card which also requires fresh OS install) which per forums means a complete new install of the OS, since

manual ahci activation always BSODS no matter how hard I try it not to.

ok I got that but here is my problem:

Throughout the year I have acquired paid software free (via legal means of course) and I am afraid that I will lose

them. Now is there a way of backing up just the programs/keys on my computer/cloud and restoring them after I

have re-installed the OS on my new ssd? Was thinking something online maybe?? But if not I could partition out

part of my 1 tb(Western digital 1 tb caviar black sata II) if needed.

Budget if I have to pay for something(first preference is free of course) be like 40 USD tops. Anything above that I

can just buy the software that I got for free.

Anyone with personal experince with any of this? would defiantly appreciate any help.

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  1. If you do a clean install of the OS, your programs will need reinstalled. Most programs make several registry entries. Simply copying the programs over doesn't copy over the necessary registry entries and so the program won't run. if you are only changing your hard drive and graphics card, you should just be able to clone your current hard drive to your new hard drive. However, it is not recommended to clone a hard drive to an SSD. If using only hard drives, the steps are:

    1. clone hard drive
    2. replace boot drive with the new clone and see if it boots up ok and all is fine.
    3. Uninstall all video card software & drivers.
    4. Install new video card and drivers.

    Just changing video cards does not require a clean install of the OS.
  2. Well maybe I did not fully explain myself in my first post. I am going from an Intel ssd to OCZ ssd. But when I

    installed my OS on my Intel SSD I did not put in AHCI mode, which I have read is not a good thing if you are using and ssd(noob mistake i know). now every workaround I have tried to correct that fails. So the only way I can solve that is to do a fresh install. I am also upgrading my graphics at the same time as well because I have heard that you need a clean OS install if you go from ATI to Nvidia for best performance. so mise well take care of 2 upgrades with 1 fresh install.

    So thats what I am looking for is something that just backs up everything but the OS. kind of and odd request but was just wondering if anyone knew of such a program/service.
  3. Well, what I said, still goes. You can easily copy data files like photos, videos, office files, and such from one computer to another. Programs typically need reinstalled if you do a clean install of an OS. Any backup software including the one included with windows can backup your data files.
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