Going to get new card-any way to get S Video Output?

I know it may seem to be very old school, but I run my computer to my older TV via S-Video-it is an older Tube Sony Trinitron.
In my room, we only have the one TV-I have not had the need to upgrade it as it works fine for my purposes..I mostly watch documentaries. All of the newer video cards no longer have S-Video out-is there going to be any way to get my current TV connected if if switch cards? If I can't switch, it doesn't make much sense for me to upgrade my card to begin with. I don't do that much gaming.
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  1. What does the new card have? VGA or only DVI or higher? Could stack a DVI -> VGA then VGA -> S-Video.

    Note: most new cards already come with the DVI -> VGA



    Also, the 4650 still has S-Video out and cable. Not a bad card (I have one):

    (Just a random example):

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