Video card broke. can i fix

asus 6800 GT that ive had since 2005. this windter i tried to upgrade to something else, foolishly. the new card sucked so i sent it back. all of the slot changing must have damaged my 6800 GT because now when i boot a PC with it there is repeated vertical tears and strange characters that overlay whatever image should be displayed. can i fix this with a soldering iron or something??
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  1. When you swapped cards, what did you do about drivers? Did you reinstall windows or use driversweeper/cleaner?
  2. i mean even when it is showing post or bios
  3. I'd try taking it apart again and doing a thorough dust check. Then reassemble it and make sure all fans are working properly. Also, could try resetting the motherboard BIOS.
  4. Inspect the back side of the card for missing small elements such as SMD caps and resistors.

    This is how it should look and very similar for the pci-e version. I personally own a new mint condition EVGA 6800gt pci-e.
  5. I've got two still, one is still in a PC and the other is my test card. Great cards.
  6. when you say take it apart, do you mean take the heatsink/fan off the video card? its kinda huge. also i vacuumed it pretty well. will rubbing alcohol on the contacts help?
  7. the lights turn on and i can feel air blowing around it when i turn it on.. so i assume that the fan is working.

    .. also i don't k its the bios needing to be reset.. same problem if i stick it in another pc.
  8. =/

    Vacuum isn't a good idea learned the hard way with a dead board.
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