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Which is the best cpu for gaming,video editing and more?
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  1. whats the budget for the system as a whole? Technically an i7 980X is the best for that, but its outside most peoples budgets and to get it will cause you to compromise on the rest of the system, and getting a 980X with an HD 4350 wont give good gaming performance at all even though you have plenty of CPU power, its about trying to balance the whole system so its easiest to pick out a whole build rather than one part at a time. Post your total budget, where you will be buying from, and the resolution of your monitor and we can set you up with a full build.
  2. for laptops the i7 720 QM is good choice for budget and performance
    and for desktop the most popular CPU is i7 920 its extreme overclocker and its very powerful and good for your budget of course the most powerful cpu is the i7 980x
    but you wont need it if you want gaming and video editing not only the cpu is matter the gpu as well if you combine the i7 920 with ATI HD 5870 it will be enough the hd 5870 is eqquibed with ati stream technology wich its accelerate any video decoding automatcly
    good luck
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