Making drive show the deleted data

Ok so 2tb hard drive. 1 drive of 2 tb with all data on it.
board gets short cct

i give for repair, guy quick formats the drive.

Now i know data recovery software and they show files sitting there but when i want to recover it says save to another drive.

any way i can make hard drive to start showing all that data on itself? instead of copying it to another drive(i don't have another drive of such capacity)
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  1. General answer is no. You must use a second HDD, even if only for a short time. Maybe you can borrow a large but empty HDD from a friend and use it for the recovery, then wipe all data from it and return it.

    The reason is that it is extremely risky to make changes to the data on a hard drive that is already known to have some flaws. It is possible that the changes will not work, and the entire drive will become inaccessible. You would lose everything permanently! So, if the recovery software can read the old data safely now, it is MUCH safer to COPY all those files to another HDD that is known to be good. THEN you can try to repair the old HDD to the point that it is working properly again with no flaws.

    If that all is successful, then it is safe to re-copy all of the recovered files from the spare HDD back to the original (but now repaired) HDD, using the recovery software's tools. Once you are sure the repaired HDD with all files restored is working perfectly, you can wipe the second HDD clean and not need it any more.

    Most data recovery software will insist on doing it this way, because they do not want to risk doing something that might destroy all your data on the faulty drive before it can be recovered safely.
  2. not many people i know have 1 tb plus drive with lots of empty space.
    secondly, hard drives board is now repaired there was no fault relating to storage or stuff so don't need to do any further repairs to it.
    and data is not that important that i go through hassle of hours of copying from one drive to other then all the way back.

    if there is any way to basically "unformat" the drive without causing any damage to hard drive itself then i might try otherwise .. life goes on
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