Whats the latest GPU for this MOBO?

My question is:

What would be the latest graphics card I could use with my motherboard?


Long story short, I wanted to replace my 9500 GT 512 with something that is a little more up to date. I know a little about computers (Building, Fixing, Troubleshooting, etc) to an extent.

I'm assuming my motherboard only handles X4, but I am looking into replacing that as well down the road.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 1-3 months. Looking to spend roughly 100 to low 200 USD Range

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Games- I play to many, so the gpu usage would be from low to high.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: geforce 9500 gt 512mb and 550 watt

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Asrock- 4CoreDual-VSTA , Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, 2 gig ram DDR2 667





MONITOR RESOLUTION:1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 (Using TV screen)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm not really picky. I hardly ever use any forums, but I just wanted some advice on this one. I'm sorry if my posting skills are poor, bare with me.
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  1. For your resolution, PSU and budget, i think HD5770 1GB will be perfect... :)
  2. ^+1, either the HD 5770 1GB or HD 5830 if you can stretch your budget a bit, there's no real nVidia substitute, at $200 you could get the GTX 260 Core 216 which performs like the HD 5770, but costs around $50 more, while the HD 5830 costs around $220 on average IIRC, and performs more like a GTX 275/GTX 280. Also, I suggest adding another 2GB of RAM for a total of 4GB, which would provide a noticeable performance boost.
  3. Thank you for responding.

    I'm assuming that the HD 5770 and my motherboard would be compatible?

    I am using Windows XP. I just thought having 4 gigs with it didn't mean much.

    Just to clear some things up. So, having either HD 5770 to GTX 280. My motherboard would except it, but it would down convert it?

    Thanks for the responses in advance!
  4. wait a minute, is this your motherboard?

    It has # 1 x PCI Express Graphics slot (@ x4 mode)
    # 1 x AGP 8X slot


    So if you buy a new pci-e card, it will run at x4 and not x16...
    Yes, your mobo is slowing down your card...
  5. Will xfx 6950 work in asrock 4coredual vsta?
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