USB 3.0

Why haven't vendors adopted USB 3.0 for their systems?
Every system I see is still USB 2.0.
Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Sony they all are using obsolete tech.
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  1. 1) it costs more money to use a newer mobo that supports it
    2) adopting means that they have to update their website etc and it takes a while to get everything up to date
    3) USB3 isn't mainstream yet, so there's less reason to update to it yet and not that many people are going to buy elsewhere if (for example) the Dell computer does't have USB3. When USB3 becomes mainstream, then Dell can sell them a second computer and make $$$ ;)
  2. That's what I thought but
    Why would I buy a system with slow tech especially a laptop?
    3.0 is up to 10x faster than 2.0.
    I know that they'll be PCI cards to upgrade desktops but laptops?
    I'll wait for 3.0 before I'll buy.
    So manufacturers upgrade or lose/postpone sales!!!
  3. Current mobos have usb3 if you're interested in building.

    You could also get your computer from a different place if you don't want to build
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